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  • Innovation
  • Confidence
  • Gratitude and Humbleness
  • Keeping it Simple
  • Responsible and Trustworthy
  • Team Focus
  • Be Courageous

About Us.

we are team of highly imaginative and deeply inspired people with contagious passion and endless energy. Founded in 2013- we are comparatively energetic, enthusiastic and passionate young team that lives, eats, and breathes technology. Contemporary business operates in a highly competitive environment. Custodian Infotech's primary goal is to provide software solutions that satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Custodian Infotech is present everywhere, where technology and business are combined with everyday life. With a long track record of IT projects and experience in various industries, we are able to create reliable and highly-advanced products. We operate globally, but never lose the sight of human and social aspect of our work. We know our software can be a decisive factor for somebody¹s health, financial prosperity, or simply an enjoyable evening watching television. Therefore, we take full responsibility for the projects we implement. This is how the credibility and prestige of our brand have been built over the years. Demonstrating an open and professional attitude, we are a reliable partner for all companies and institutions that are looking for a competent provider of top quality software and IT services.

"Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard."

Guy Kawasaki